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Truth AV Media Group LLC is a partnership of skills, experience, passion and excellence. We focus on the introduction of the ever changing technology into our customer’s needs, while allowing worry-free operation for all integrated systems.

We will meet you where you are. No job is too small and no question is unimportant. We are here for you whether you need new equipment, training for your team, branding assistance…or just help with knowing where to start. We provide professional design, sales, installation and service to keep your systems up and running to perfection.




6716 Abigail Dr.
Trinity, NC 27370

(336) 203-4040

Areas of Service

Audio,Video, & Lighting Systems Integration

Today’s demands on having the perfect environment are very high and important. We help make this possible. Selecting just the right equipment needed for the task at hand is our specialty . Truth AV Media Group will help teach your team to understand and master the systems that is selected for your organization.

branding & marketing

The way people consume your brand is highly important. Truth AV Media Group strives to anticipate how your brand can succeed and how we can push your brand to the top of the market.


“I find that a compressor with a brickwall limiter allows you to resume your relaxation.”
— The Old Soundman


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